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At Chrisman Mill Farms, we believe in high quality, hand-made products that are built to last. This veteran-owned company, situated in the heart of Kentucky makes some of the finest hand-crafted merchandise the bluegrass has to offer. Whether it’s children’s wooden picnic tables, stepping stools that can double as toddler desks or our top selling carpenter bee traps, pride is built into every American-made item.

Our Wood Bee Gone Carpenter Bee Traps were the #1 selling wood boring bee traps on Amazon® in 2016. Check out the reviews to see what folks are saying. This all-natural form of carpenter bee catching uses no harmful sprays and looks more like an attractive birdhouse than a carpenter bee trap. Best of all – they work! No need to make your own carpenter bee traps, when our best selling boring bee traps are attractive AND affordable.

PLUS our NEWLY designed carpenter bee traps have the same great quality and attractive design, only with a flush roof on two sides to make for easier mounting. Discover why most folks think this is the best bee trap on the market.

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What Others Say

This Carpenter Bee trap is amazing! We ordered two of them, within a 24 hour period we had so many customers:) Seriously, we’ve trapped so many of them, it is fascinating to observe ( see picture below). Do not hesitate to purchase these traps, the service was fast and the traps are very well made. A Home Inspector in our area, actually mentioned the Chrisman product by name in his column. Thanks Chrisman Mill Farms for an excellent product!"— Cecelia

We caught so many carpenter bees this summer with this product! And a few wasps!"— Dora Taylor

We live in Augusta Ga. now but originally from Nicholasville so we bought your trap. Just wanted you to know your trap has worked for us. Many thanks for serving our country and makes us ky proud of your accomplishments."